This is the most shocking revelation of the last decade - Anyone could make money trading if they have this code.

For nearly 100 years a few wealthy people have been taking a small fortune from the market on a daily basis. This secret was first discovered in 1938 and works as well today as it did for the small, elite group of people who have used it ever since.

This secret has created dynasties.

   Hi, my name is Nicola Delic...

And I want to share with you a story so amazing that I can hardly believe it myself. It all started with a chance meeting with a relative of mine I hadnít seen in years.

This meeting would change my life and it might just change yours. In fact, it lead to me making a lot of money and trading Millions of Dollars in one of the highest performing Hedge Funds of the last decade.

The story starts with a little old lady called Anita Hancock.

If you were to pass Anita on the street you wouldnít give her a second glance. She never dressed well, and you could have been forgiven for thinking she was homeless.

She had been a bookeeper all of her life and never made much more than the minimum wage. She lived in a nondescript apartment with some basic furniture, and didnít even own a T.V., preferring just a simple, inexpensive radio for company.

To her friends she was just another one of them, struggling to make ends meet every month, and many of her friends even felt sorry for her because she had so little to show for all of her years of hard work.

However, Anita knew a secret she never
shared with anyone that would shock
everyone who knew her.

When she passed away her bank account had 2.5 Million Dollars in it.

This is where it gets interesting. Apparently, Anita had managed to save a tiny amount from her meager salary each month until she had $2,000. From that small starting investment of $2,000, and by following some very special instruction, she managed to accumulate 2.5 Million Dollars. Even though she lived like a monk, she was actually a Multi-Millionaire who could have retired any time she wanted to.

Anita made her millions using one simple
investment strategy that I am going to
share with you today.

She left no will, and lived so sparsely that she had very few belongings. In fact, other than a few personal items, all she had were four books and thousands of hand-drawn charts.

She had meticulously charted hundreds of securities like Gold, Oil, Forex, and individual shares. Unfortunately for me I never got to see the hand-drawn charts. You see, Anitaís other relatives had no idea what they were and threw them away. They also gave away the four booksÖ


One of the relatives was tasked with making an inventory of all of her belongings, and thankfully recorded the names of the four books she owned . One of those books changed my life.

Shock #2

Unbeknownst to her family and friends, Anita had been living a double life. Once a week she had been secretly meeting with a few members of a very low profile group.

Each member of the group also had a copy of the exact same book Anita had and each one of that group, I would find out later, had made a small fortune.

Whatís even more amazing about this group is that none of them had any special training and none of them new anything about finance before they found their way into the group.

Because of what I learned next, and the proof I am about to show you, you now have at your fingertips one of the most powerful wealth-building secrets you are ever likely to learn.

Before I reveal the name of that book and what I discovered next, I want you to think about why do some people make extraordinary amounts of money and others make nothing at all.

Hereís The 500 Pound Gorilla Of A
Problem No One Is Talking About.

Take a look at the chart below. When you are on the hard right edge of the chart and thereís no one around to help you, what do you do?

This is what system sellers and marketers canít tell you because all of their examples are cherry-picked trades that happened in the past.

It doesnít matter what hyped-up trading system you buy or have tried, you will at some stage face that hard right edge, and thatís what separates the men from the boys.

This is where fortunes are made and lost. The hard right edge is where amateurs lose confidence and professionals clean up. This is where I live.

This is how you can get in on the action.

For the last five years I have been meeting online once a week with a small group of people whom I agreed to teach my discovery to. These people have all gone on to make very large amounts of money.

Now, for the first time ever, I am going to share my secret with a few more people who could make extraordinary amounts of cash, just by following my simple instructions.

The problem, as I mentioned above, is that when you are trading live with your own money you canít afford to get it wrong.

Every trade I make is a calculated risk based on scientific research from nearly 100 years of data.

My method of trading actually predicts the next move before it happens. I know itís hard to believe but let me show you a few examples.

This will amaze you.

Example #1

To demonstrate just how amazing my discovery is have a look at the next chart. It's a chart of the US Dollar, Japanese Yen (USD/JPY). Donít worry if you donít know some of the terminology I use, I will teach you everything you need to know.

Anyway, you can see on the hard right edge of the first chart I have labeled as #4. I knew what would happen next, and placed my trade. I made 300 PIPs on that trade. A PIP is the smallest increment of a currency and stands for Percentage In Point. Again, if you are new to trading, donít worry. All the jargon and terminology will be explained when you join me.

You get to decide what those PIPs are worth.

Each PIP might be worth:

and so on.

In my example trades each PIP is worth $10 in real money. So my 300 PIPs are worth $3,000.

I will show you my most recent statements later so you can see the kind of money I make.

Example #2

In my next trade of the Australian Dollar, US Dollar (AUD/USD), I placed my trade when the market was at #4.

People will tell you that itís impossible to predict the future, and that is true, but it is not impossible to predict human nature, and that exactly what I did.

I went on to make 900 PIPs = $9,000

Example #3

My next trade was with the British Pound, US Dollar (GBP/USD). Again at point number 4, I placed my trade and made 800 PIPs for a profit of $8,000.

Example #4

In my next example: the Euro, US Dollar (EUR/USD), I placed my trade when the market was at point number 5. I knew what was going to happen next and pocketed 2000 PIPs for a profit of $20,000.

I donít only take trades when I see a 4 or 5. I take trades at every point on the chart. Probability is on my side.

Let me reveal the best forecasting
tool in existenceÖ with a twist.

In the 1920ís a young accountant decided to take a trip to Central America. During that trip he contracted an illness that forced him to retire from accounting and he lost his main source of income.

During his convalescence, he decided to make good use of his time by studying the historical data of the Dow Jones. 75 years of data to be precise.

He studied everything from half-yearly charts down to 30 minute charts and meticulously took notes of his observations. His research results stunned him.

He had cracked the code.

Some people think that the only reason he managed to crack the code was because he did it by hand. He could visually see things no computer has ever been able to replicate.

He continued to research and studied the market until he wrote his final book and most complete work: Natureís Law Ė The Secret of the Universe in 1946.

Apparently, of the 1000 books that were released, all were snapped up by the New York financial community.

The authorís name was Ralph Nelson Elliott and he is regarded as one of the greatest market commentators of all time. His Elliott Wave Theory is the cornerstone of just about every serious portfolio in the financial industry.

And this was one of the four books Anita Hancock owned.

But waitÖ

I know what youíre thinking. You want to rush off and find a copy of the original book or one of the updated versions of it.

Thatís what I thought too. I was convinced that if I got my hands on a copy of the book all my troubles would be over. Unfortunately, it never worked out that way.

If you are one of the few people who have actually studied Elliott Wave Theory, you know that it is very hard to implement and it can lack the structure and money management a trader needs to take advantage of the information.

Remember what I said about Anita? There were two surprising things about her life:

- She had quietly made $2.5 Million.
- She was a member of a secret club.

You see, once I got my hands on a copy of Elliottís book, it did nothing but frustrate me. I spent over a year just memorizing the chart patterns, but it didnít make me money.

But then, I remembered that Anita had been a member of a secret group. I made it my goal in life to track down one of the other members. It took a little time, but after a lot of dead ends I finally got to speak with one of the original members.

What I learned next transformed my trading and made me more money than I ever thought possible.

I believe that two things would happen if the average person got ahold of R.N. Elliottís original work:

- Either they would lose money or
- They would get average results at best

They certainly wouldnít get the spectacular results I, and my students, get. Thatís why I called the course Elliott Wave DNA. I have taken the original information and drilled down to its absolute core. And I was rewarded with results that can only be described as astonishing.

Hereís what normally happens with people who start trading. I call it the:

9 Steps To Failure.

  • They read something about trading that piques their interest.

  • They do a Google search for some information about trading.

  • They come across a Blog or a Forum that talks about trading.

  • They start to believe what the Forum Guru says.

  • They deposit a little money with a broker.

  • They lose that little money and realize the Guru wasnít so clever after all.

  • They decide to get educated.

  • They buy a course based on what they see in a video and some dubious proof.

  • They waste more money and more time and start to believe the problem is theirs.

The sad part is that they never had a chance in the first place. They were trying to make something work that never worked to begin with.

Let me tell you something. I have all the time in the world for these guys, because at least they are trying. They are trying to make something happen. Thatís one of the reasons I am prepared to share my discovery, because there are a lot of people out there who deserve a chance.

Let Me Show You How Fast You Can Learn
My Method Of Trading - I call This My
Three Second Test.

Let me ask you a question Ė even if you have never traded before. Look at the chart above. Does it look like it is going up or down? If you answered up, well done.

You see the market can only do three things.

  1. It can go up.

  2. It can go down.

  3. Or it can go sideways.

Once you apply what I teach you, you will be able to make money on all three directions.

Now, think of a compass. If you were to place that compass on your chart and compared what direction the market was moving, what would happen?

When the market is moving between North and North East (NE) directions, the marketing is trending up.

When the market is moving between South and South East directions (SE), the market is trending down.

If the market is pointing East or in between North East and South East the market is not trending and is in consolidation or correcting.

Now that you know this, have a look at the chart below. What direction is it going?

Again, just apply the 3 second test. Donít over think it. The market is pointing East, therefore it is consolidating or correcting.

You just learned the two most important parts of Elliott Wave Theory. When the market has momentum, and is in a trend, Elliott described that as the MOTIVE phase.

When the market is not trending, it is therefore correcting or in the CORRECTIVE phase.

I use a set of rules based on these two phases that all markets obey. Every market obeys these rules because what they are is a reflection of human behavior. And human behavior has remained the same for thousands of years.

Remember the charts I showed you earlier where I predicted what would happen in the next days, weeks and sometimes months in advance?

I did that by first determining if the market was in a MOTIVE or CORRECTIVE phase, then applying a special set of rules based on R.N. Elliottís work: with the discovery I made after talking with one of Anitaís group members and my own research.

How Fast Can I Make Money?

One thing I am often asked is Ė how fast can I make money? The answer to that is this; I can teach anyone, even a complete beginner the basics of my method in a day.

The basics are enough to beat or take money off 99% of the traders out there. To become an expert at my method will probably take about 8-9 weeks.

The chart below is from a student who had been trading for about three months and lost over $5,000 before he met me. Within about 4 hours of his learning my method he could correctly label a chart and had made his first profitable trade.

That trader now knows exactly when he should enter the market, where to place his stop loss and when to take a profit. Thatís more than nearly everyone else out there.

No magic formulas here, nor a black box trading system. This works the same for every person who follows my step-by-step blueprint to making money trading.

I have two types of students.

  1. I have people who just need to know how to make some money trading. They just want to know the basics and get up and running as fast as possible. They have no interest in spending hours analyzing charts or forecasting the next few monthsí moves. They just want results.

  2. The second group of people really want to understand everything there is to know about Elliott Waves and my method of trading them. These are people who want to become full-time professional traders or analysts. For these people I have a special, easy-to-follow certification course.

In the certification course I break everything down to the smallest detail and walk each person through the different modules with multiple choice questions. At the end of the course you get an Elliott Wave DNA certificate.

Remember, I am the only person who can award this certificate that can be presented should you decided to become a full-time analyst.

The certification course is included for everyone, regardless of whether you choose to take it or not.

Some people just want the money and others want both. Iím ok with either type of person. This is my life, so I love working with all types of people.

As I mentioned earlier, no member of Anitaís group had any special training and none of them had any kind of degree related to finance. In other words, they were just ordinary people like you and me.

The beauty of my way of trading is that anyone can learn it. Even better is that you can trade my method and still have a full-time job. Because we are always out in front of the market, you can place your trades the night before if you like and check on them the next day.

Elliott Wave DNA is probably the most adaptable trading system in the world today. You can trade any market you want on any time frame you want.

Imagine the freedom to place your trades then go play golf or spend your time with family or friends.

This is how I like to spend my free time: On this yacht.

You may have seen me being interviewed from there on one of my many question and answer sessions.

Iím not trying to show off. My point is you will have the time to do what you want when you can control your own financial destiny.

I have appeared on T.V., blogs, interviews, and some of the best-known trading and investing websites in the world.

Banks and institutions pay me up to $25,000 just for in-depth analysis using my method of interpreting Elliott Waves.

When I announced I was going to start a Hedge Fund, I was oversubscribed in days and it has never dropped below $10 Million.

Before I started my Hedge Fund I worked for:

- Instaforex (Senior Analyst & Educator)
- FTI Consulting (Analyst & Trader)
- ElliottWave-Forecast (Analyst)
- ForexMoney (Senior Analyst)
- Tivat Investment (Chief Trader)

Now do you see the benefits of being personally trained by me and getting an Elliott Wave DNA certificate?

Itís my intention to retire within the next two years. I now have enough money and my focus has changed to helping others achieve their dreams.

In case there is any doubt about my ability to trade. Here is a REAL LIVE account statement.

August - 85% Profitable Trades

September - 90% Profitable Trades

October - 77.7% Profitable Trades

Trading Is My Passion.

Not everyone likes to look at statements, so here are some live trades I have taken recently.

Before you watch these videos, let me just say something. Donít get scared when you see the numbers and letters I use. That is part of the magic of Elliott Wave DNA. I can show anyone this and unless you know what I teach you, it will mean nothing to you.

All I want you to get from the videos is that I made these live trades based on scientific analysis, not a bunch of indicators or software. My system is based on the only thing that matters when you trade Ė price.

The Worldís Most
Advanced Forecasting System

I want you to think of this as the worldís most advanced forecasting system, that has worked for nearly 100 years, with results that have proven accurate in up to 85% of all forecasts.

Just think about that for a minute. Letís say hypothetically that you took 100 trades and risked $1,000 on each trade. However, when you win you make three times what you risked. It would like this:

85 trades won X $3,000 = $250,000

15 trades lost X $1,000 = $15,000

Net Result = $240,000 Profit

Are you beginning to see the possibilities? Remember with my method you never guess. Every single trade has a predefined entry level, stop loss, and take profit target. I only take trades where I can win 3 times what I risk.

Not only that:

  • Elliott Wave analysis is the backbone of nearly every Hedge Fund and the reference point for most bank traders.

  • I will show you step-by-step how to forecast any market with an accuracy your friends wonít believe is possible.

  • My method is based on decades of real-world research from my own live trading, my Hedge Fund trading, and companies I have worked for as a senior analyst.

  • My method is based on the most comprehensive database of Elliott Wave patterns I believe to be found anywhere.

  • All human emotion has been removed from my trading. There are no gray areas with my method. Every trade either meets the pattern criteria or it doesnít.

  • Even though it may look complex, if you follow my instructions, it is remarkably easy to understand.

This Is not:

  • Some thrown-together trading system you can find all over the Internet.

  • Theoretical Elliott Wave patterns that someone had an idea about.

  • A get-rich-quick scheme. This is real, and you need to learn it.

  • Some buy-and-hold investment strategy.

  • Anything to do with Astrology.

This is pure applied science.

Listen, I make my money trading, and no one cares more about my money than I do. It should be the same for you.

Most people have never even heard of Elliott Waves and the ones who have donít understand them properly.

I donít take risks with my money. Every trade has a reason. Every trade is based on countless thousands of hours of research, not just by me, but by some of the best minds in the financial world.

Elliott Wave DNA gives you a framework in which to trade. Itís like someone just switched on the lights and you can see clearly how you can make money.

As you read earlier, I have been a senior analyst and traded for a few companies. I know how they work. They focus on:

  • Discipline.

  • Risk management.

  • Elliott Wave analysis.

You donít have to worry about when to get into a trade or when to close a trade. There is no room for that kind of human emotion. The rules are fixed: They work and all you have to do is follow them.

You never need to feel stressed or under pressure because you can build your game plan in advance. I will teach you how to join the small group of people who get to call themselves professional traders.

No other system or method can boast the absolute science of forecasting like Elliott Wave DNA.

I have analyzed and confirmed every pattern there is. Only my clients and members get access to the information that gives them such an unfair advantage. Itís almost a shame to take money from the people who are just trading blind out there.

You will know the probability of success before every trade. Thereís no guesswork in my trading, and there should be none in yours.

Thereís a very good reason why some of the biggest investment houses and banks in the world rely on Elliott Waves-and itís not because they think it works Ė itís because they know it does.

I have been around for some time. I am not an actor or some front-man for a made-up system. I am the real deal. I work with people just like you every day who want to become traders.

I am easy to find and stand by my service and product. I donít know of any bad report or anyone who is, or has ever been, unhappy with my results.

Itís not all about the money.

I post some of my analysis most days on Facebook. People can see my results for themselves.

I love the comments I get from people when they see things I have predicted materialize before their eyes. Thatís the great thing about Elliott Wave DNA. It so good and so accurate that you can tell people what will happen before it happens.

Let me share with you what you will get when you join me.

You get 6 DVDs

DVD #1

This DVD is intended for people who have never traded before. It might surprise you that a lot of my clients are brand new to trading.

In some ways they have an advantage because they havenít been polluted with half-truths and misinformation.

In this DVD I cover.

1. What is Forex? 2. Currency Pairs
3. Margin Pips and Lot Size 4. Market Sessions
5. Order Types 6. Trends
7. Chart Types 8. Candle Sticks Patterns
9. Chart Patterns 10. Meta Trader
11. Psychology of Trading  

DVD #2

Most people are surprised by just how easy this is when you apply just some common sense.

The main topics I cover are:

1. Elliot Wave History 2. Motive Phase
3. Impulsive Waves 4. Extended Waves
5. Leading Diagonal 6. Ending Diagonals
7. Corrective Phase 8. ZigZag Correction
9. Flat Correction 10. Triangle Corrections
11. Complex Corrections 12. Double Three
13. Triple Three 14. Elliot Wave Labels

DVD #3

This DVD is a bit of a secret and I canít tell you everything that is in it.

All I can say is that I will introduce another well-tested concept in Fibonacci levels.

From this point you will begin to see everything come together.

You will understand why you had so many losing trades in the past or why they seemed to stop dead in their tracks.

Elliott Wave DNA is the only course of its kind where you will learn exactly what the market will do before it does it.

DVD #4

Ultimate Strategy & Trade Setup Examples:

By this stage you will have learned how to count and validate the different patterns.

I will share with you real life examples of exactly how to manage your money and only take high-probability, low-risk trades.

One of the unique things about Elliott Wave DNA is that you can trade aggressively or conservatively.

We cover:

1. Risk Management 2. Trading Motive Phase
3. Trading Corrective Phase 4. Conservative Trading
5. Aggressive Trading 6. Trading
7. Real examples of everything you learned so far.

DVD #5

The Quick Trader:

Itís time to get real! You move from Elliott Wave Theory into real-life, real-time Elliott Wave DNA in action.

I take you through several examples of each of the trade types youíll master with the DNA system. You will see me trade the system in these live recorded videos.

1. Live Conservative Buy 2. Live Conservative Buy
3. Live Conservative Buy 4. Live Conservative Sell
5. Live Conservative Sell 6. Live Conservative Sell
7. Live Aggressive Buy 8. Live Aggressive Buy
9. Live Aggressive Buy 10. Live Aggressive Sell
11. Live Aggressive Sell 12. Live Aggressive Sell

DVD #6

I have taught many people how to make money trading and most of the time people have the same questions.

On this DVD, I recorded one of these Q & A sessions with a group of people who just learned how to trade Elliott Wave DNA.

You will hear many of the questions I am sure you have and I answer them all.

12 Cheat Sheets

My students tell me this their favorite thing in the whole course. Every time you see a setup, you can grab the cheat sheets and check that you have it exactly right: Have your entry set at the right place, your stop loss set at the right place, and your take profit set.

Detailed Instruction Report

Some systems you buy donít divulge how the system works, or they give you part of a system.

With Elliott Wave DNA I share every nuance in minute detail.

Every single rule is included and you can refer to this manual every time you trade.

This is the most complete package of Elliott Wave training you will find anywhere I have ever heard of.

But thereís moreÖ

I have a carefully thought-out blueprint I have made for every person who joins me.

Each week I host a live webinar where you can come online and speak with me. I teach for the first part of the webinar then I open it to question and answers. You can ask me anything you want and we can share screens so I can look at your charts and help you understand Elliott Wave DNA.

I think itís important that you get to interact with other members of our DNA community. Thatís why I have a FORUM especially for you to interact with other people and also share your examples and ask questions.

Inside the membersí area you will see a dashboard like the one above. You will see:

- A video tour that shows you around.
- My forecast for the major Forex pairs.
- A link to the forum.
- A watch list of potential trades I am about to take.
- Recordings of previous webinars.
- Special achievement bonuses.
- Tools and indictors I use.
- Support information should you need it.

+ $197 Bonus

When you work with patterns as much as we do it can become tedious to label the different waves. Plus, Elliott Wave professionals have their own special ways of doing this.

With my Elliott Wave Toolbox, not only will you be able to label moves with a simple click, but it will also show the hidden targets in the market that no one else knows about.

+ $500 Value Special
Achievement Bonuses

I canít really talk too much about these because only the people who join me will ever get to see them.

All I can tell you is that they are things I have learned from dealing with some of the biggest banks in the world and they can dramatically improve your trading.

+$100 Value
Quick Trader

I donít expect my students to stay glued to the screen all day. I know I donít. I made this little tool that you can draw on your chart.

Itís basically a trendline, but once it is hit it automatically enters you into a trade. You donít have to do anything. You could be out at the movies when it happens.

Certification Course
Value $2,000

I want to talk a little more about my Elliott Wave DNA certification course.

Let me explain how this certificate will help you:

- It will position you as one of the top professionals in the use of Elliott Wave DNA.
- People will respect that you have taken an in-depth course and have been properly trained.
- It may help if you apply for a job as an analyst or trader.
- Improve your core trading skills. You will trade the same way professionals do.
- Your customers will respect that you have a certificate.
- It sets you apart from everyone else out there.

I want to put you head-and-shoulders above everyone else out there who is trying to trade or make their living from trading.

Itís actually easy. There are just three steps.

  1. Take the course.

  2. Pass the test.

  3. Display your certificate on your wall or badge on your website.

Hereís the best part. If you get in, then you have the choice of taking the certification course or not. This is only available during the time you see this on this page.

I fully intend to make this a separate course later on.

This is super-important.

I love to trade and I love to analyze the market, so you are probably wondering why Iím giving you this information today.

Well, do you remember earlier when I told you about how I met one of the original members of Anitaís group?

I made him three promises.

  1. I would help get the word out about just how powerful this way of trading is and help people who need help.

  2. I would never share the secret with the whole world. I would only ever give the secret to a small group of people.

  3. I had to keep the price affordable for the majority of people but not too cheap, otherwise too many people would get to know how some of the most powerful financiers in the world make their money.

I am only accepting 1000 to train. That is the capacity of my membersí area and it is the number of courses I have had made.

If they are gone there will be no more printed, thatís it. If you are serious about making money and want the lifestyle that trading can give you, then click the Orange Add To Cart button below.

Add To Cart

As I mentioned earlier. I intend to retire in the next few years. I have made my money and I only trade when I want to now. This will probably be the last group of people I train.

If you want to be part of that group then you need to take action now. Tomorrow might be too late.

If you want to make money in a predictable, safe, and low-risk way, then this is how I believe you should do it. No other investment could get you the returns that Elliott Wave DNA can achieve Ė and certainly nothing faster.

And It All Comes With My Personal 100%
No-Questions-Asked 60-Day Guarantee.

Thereís No Fine Print. If Elliott Wave
DNA doesnít make you money within
60 days, I will personally give you back
every penny of your purchase price.

Buy Elliott Wave DNA Risk-free.

Hereís the bottom line. If Elliott Wave DNA doesnít do what I say it will do, you can have a refund.

- No questions asked.
- No support person will call you and try to convince you not to refund.
- Thereís no minimum trade requirement.
- There are no hidden rules or things you have to do.

It doesnít matter what the reason, no one will bug you. I only want happy people around me and I will not hold it against you if itís not your cup of tea.

I assume all of the risk and you make all of the money.

OK, hereís whatís going to happen next. You click the Orange Add To Cart button below.

  1. You will be taken to the order page. The order page will summarize everything you have seen here.

  2. You select if you want to make one payment or spread the payment over two months.

  3. Youíre in. You will receive email instructions on what to do next.

There are no up-sells or getting frustrated with offer after offer. I have one thing I want to share, and thatís Elliott Wave DNA. Thatís all.

On the side of this page you will see you will see a countdown clock. I donít know how fast copies will go but one thing is for sure, they will go.

Donít do anything else, just focus on this right now and complete the instructions above.

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People often ask me if I am afraid that if too many people use my method if it could affect the market. Well, it might. Thatís why I am limiting how many people get to use my method.

I will also be keeping a close eye on how a group this size affects things.

Remember, this way of trading has worked for nearly 100 years. It works now, it worked last year, and it worked all through the Global Financial Crisis.

In fact, if you use Elliott Wave DNA, you never need to worry about a Global Financial Crisis again.

It will also work next year and every year thereafter. Human nature would have to change for this not to work. Thatís why I am so confident in what I tell you.

If you want to take charge of your own financial future and build a long-lasting legacy of wealth, then make sure you are one of the few who get a copy of the Elliott Wave DNA.


Life is a funny thing. When I worked for the big banks as a senior analyst, then a senior trader, I loved my job. However, I didnít always love the people, or having to show up every day.

I am blessed that I can wake up when I want, work when I want, and work from where I want.

There are days and sometimes weeks where I do nothing, because I donít feel like it. At first, I used to feel guilty, but now itís just part of my life.

I speak with people all the time who have tried trading and lost money, or they are close to retirement and afraid they might outlive their money.

Thatís why I want to remind you that this opportunity will not be here forever. Once I sell my 1000 copies Iím done. Make sure you are one of the people I work with.

Click the Orange Add To Cart button below.

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Is the certification included in the package?

Yes it is. Everything I have described on this page is included in the package.

Iím worried I might not be able to do this or it might be too complicated?

Donít be. I have taught hundreds of people to trade. It doesnít matter at what stage your trading is at or if you have never traded before in your life, I will be there with you every step of the way.

Also, if for any reason you are unhappy you can get your money back.

I have a full-time job and I am not sure if I will have enough time to actually trade?

Let me tell you something about this type of trading. It is the only type of trading where you can truly dictate when you want to trade.

As long as you have about 30 minutes a day to do what I teach you then you can trade this full-time or part-time or anyway you like.

How much money do I realistically need to do this?

Years ago you needed a lot to trade the way I am going to teach you. However, things have changed, and you can start with a few hundred dollars.

I always recommend that people start on a demo account so they donít risk any of their own money. That way you can practice until you feel confident.

What kind of charting software do you use and how much does it cost?

The charting software I use is called MT4 and itís free to use. You can use any type of charting software with Elliott Wave DNA.

What happens if I have more questions once I buy?

I am always in the membersí area so you can talk to me any time you want. I also have a support person who is personally trained by me who can answer questions when I am not there.

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REMEMBER: If you take the 2-Payment option ($650 X 2), you will never need to make another payment once you have covered the price of the system. You receive all the benefits of a one-time payment of $997. Either payment option will give you access to the full course and the membersí area for 6 months. Your training will start tomorrow, and above and beyond everything I have mentioned, you will also receive specially prepared video training until your course arrives. You will receive some very special bonuses during the next weeks and months if you act today.




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